Best Online Websites to Adopt a Dog or Cat

Where are the BEST Websites ONLINE to Find & Adopt a Pet? Several reputable websites facilitate pet adoptions and connect

Meet The Animals

Meet The Animals: Birdie (Rescued) Milo (BOUGHT) 😱 Johnny the Cat Dog (Rescued) 🤦‍♀️ Wilma (Fostered) Roland (Rescued) Krypto (Rescued)

What To Expect The First Month After Adopting A Dog

First of all Congratulations on adopting a new furry friend or maybe you’re just doing your research before diving in!

Meet Petunia!

About Petunia Friendly to other dogs Good for Small & Large Spaces Extremely loving & sweet   Hi I’m Petunia

Pet Adoption Process 101: What to Expect When Adopting?

Pet Adoption Process 101: What to Expect When Bringing Home a New Companion Embarking on the journey of pet adoption

Meet Krypto!

Meet Krypto! Krypto is a tenacious, loving, and energetic boy who enjoys hanging out with his pet parents, or dog

Best Place to Find and Adopt a Pet

Where are the best places to adopt a pet? Looking to Find A Rescue or Shelter? Where to Adopt a

Meet Roland!

Introducing Roland our adorable Rescue! Roland, our adorable Shih Tzu, holds a special place in our hearts as a cherished

Adopting vs. Buying: Why Rescue Dogs & Cats Matter

Choosing Adoption: The Benefits of Rescuing a Dog or Cat Over Buying from a Breeder Why is adopting pets better

Meet Johnny (the Cat Dog)!

Meet Johnny The CAT + Dog! Johnny, our remarkable feline friend, boasts an impressive resume at just 2 years old,

The 3-3-3 rule for adopting a dog (or cat)

What is The 3-3-3 Rule for adopting pets? At Birdies Doghouse we know that adopting a new dog (or cat)

Meet Wilma!

Wilma: A Tale of Fostering and Heartache Wilma, a sweet senior dog of unknown origin, entered my life unexpectedly, leaving

MUST Have Items for Adopting A Dog!

Must Have Essentials For Adopting a Dog! Here is a list of MUST have items you’ll want to get when

Meet Milo!

Meet Milo: The OG at Birdie’s Doghouse Milo holds a special place in the heart of Birdie’s Doghouse. He’s not

My Favorite Dog Quotes!

My Favorite Dog Quotes & Phrases There's nothing like a little humor to make your tail wag! I've put together

Meet Birdie!

Hi, I’m Birdie! I’m an 8 year old Toodle (Terrier + Poodle). The first 5 years of my life are

10 Tips to Prepare for Adopting a Dog

10 Tips For Adopting A Dog (to Get Prepared): Adopting a dog can be overwhelming if you don’t know where