Wilma was a dog I fostered for a few months, very sweet, loves to ride in cars, a little bossy at her old age, but knows how to handle herself well around people and pups!

  • Senior Dog
  • 10 lbs
  • Neutered
  • Mixed Breed
  • Female
  • 10 years old

My story:
Wilma was a stray or a runaway found in a park. So Wilma Was NOT her name and not what she responded to!

We tried calling her every dog name we could to see if she knew her name or any name lol

I was asked to foster Wilma and she fit in the family so well. Minus the slight elderly smell I think she had was permanent as no amount of baths would make it go away!

We had Wilma for almost 3 months! She spent Christmas with us and then at the beginning of the year I got a little busy with work and travel in between all her vet visits — something was up with Wilma’s bloodwork so she was not adoptable yet. Plus someone dropped the ball between the shelter and the vet so there was a huge gap of time no one knew this dog was sitting there waiting for a home or help. It was just a bad situation.

Long story short I couldn’t adopt Wilma and she couldn’t pass her bloodwork to get neutered. So after 3 months of back and forth and not knowing one day Wilma cut her paw and I had too much going on so I had to let them have her back because it was an hour drive one way to the shelter every time I had to take her for anything.

I wish we could’ve kept Wilma I’m so upset we talk about her all the time and she was truest a foster fail I would take back in a heart beat!!!! But she was one of my first ones and I had just fostered and adopted Birdie a few months before.



Oh Wilma if you’re alive and out there please come back into our life! We miss and love you girl!