• 2 years old (adopted at 3-6months)
  • Black bobtail
  • Spayed
  • Weights 5-6 lbs
  • Male

Johnny is the ONLY resident cat!

We got Johnny from the Governors Mansion in Atlanta, Georgia! Marty Kemp (Brian Kemp the Governor or Georgia’s Wife) was hosting an animal adoption event on the front lawn down the street from our condo in Buckhead and we decided to take a stroll. But all the dogs were big and then we saw little Johnny with two other cats and he reached out his little paw 🐾

Johnny was originally from a shelter in Gilmer county Georgia.

  • Is more like a cat dog since he’s only known dogs all his life.
  • Loves treats
  • Gets along with dogs
  • Has clear nails and easy to cut yourself!
  • Travels well and has a special cat carry case to help.
  • Loves to RV! Travel trailer camping and van life!
  • Adapts well to new environments!
  • Will walk on a leash and harness but will chew it off if you leave him in it alone long.
  • Loves toys
  • Knows the word treat
  • Has extreme food aggression!!! Will chew threw unopened bags with the nose of a police k9! He can smell food!!! You cannot leave any food out on the counter no bread, chips, sauces! Sometimes hisses if the dogs try to get near him when he’s eating. Found and attacked a ranch packed in my coach purse chewing threw the packet and my purse pocket!!!!!)
  • Loves to chew cords (including but not limited too the disabling the rv passenger air bag which had to be repaired, the tv cables, seems to like certain cords, strings, handles, etc…
  • Likes it HOT 🥵 likes to sunbathe in the window or outside.
  • Extremely curious about outside but he’s only allowed outside in a case on a leash or or a patio type enclosed environment. He’ll run away
  • Has flown on an airplane
  • Has stayed in hotels, RVs, and airbnbs, condos, houses, you name it he’s done it and he isn’t even 3!
  • Is semi trained to pee and poop on the tour let instead of a litter box. The only prob e have is ping the toilet flushed or having to move his training pad so we’ve not fully trained him but he’ll do it in the toilet!!! Or naturally he goes in his litter box he has many different ones in several locations even a pop up one for the van to travel.
  • Doesn’t like other cats at least the one he met outside he hissed at but he also hisses at the new dogs too. He seems to adapt well to new dogs and things he’s put into.