Meet Krypto!

Krypto is a tenacious, loving, and energetic boy who enjoys hanging out with his pet parents, or dog and cat fur friends! He just wants to love and to be loved. He would make a GREAT FAMILY MEMBER, BOYFRIEND, BROMANCE, TRAVEL COMPANION, or WINGMAN! Plus, he has a little SISTER named Petunia, proven by DNA! We have run a DNA test on all our dogs even the fosters! Plus the cat through Wisdom Panel >> (use our link for a discount on yours). 






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More about Krypto’s Journey…


What we know about Krypto…

Krypto was going to be put down after being dropped off by his ex-dog mom who couldn’t care for him or his sibling anymore. So we stepped in to SAVE HIM and HELP find him a home! He is a Beagle mix, but we have a full DNA Test with all the results including his SISTER Petunia!



Is house trained and knows to go outside. Will potty in the sand on the beach and even artificial turf! Plays with toys, and fetches balls. We taught him how to sit and shake! Will walk on a leash or follow other dogs. 

He does sometimes get excited and jumps up to show affection to those he loves. But, He knows the word “NO”. I usually just clap my hands loudly once or twice if he does jump up when I come inside then he quickly puts his paws back down on the ground.  

And, he is a little weird about stairs. He jumps ALL of them at one time to go up, but he’ll go down them just fine! One other thing is he’s a BIG BABY still learning his strength and size even though he isn’t that big, just bigger than the rest of our tribe!


Krypto is adventurous and always ready to go anywhere you go! The biggest thing is BOUNDARIES and letting him know where, who etc.. we keep him in a small fenced-in yard that he can totally jump or get out of if he wants to, and sometimes he does wonder if we’re not paying attention, but one call of his name and he’ll run right back to you!

He did chew up a shoe or random item when we first got him, but that was mainly because he did not know what was his (i.e. dog toys) vs ours. Plus, we probably should’ve picked those items up. Just like with a kid! Oh, and he does find random things fun like pulling on the carpet snags, but once you tell him NO and discipline him once he NEVER does “it” again whatever the crime!


Personality Traits:

He is loving, energetic, and playful once he trusts you but he is timid at first. He can be shy and scared, especially of loud noises. If he is frightened he will either run, shelter in place laying down looking terrified, or you’ll find him hiding curled up in a ball in the smallest space he could crawl! He Is more of a follower than a leader, but great with other dogs (and cats – although our cat chases him around). 

He responds best to soft and sweet voices, screaming or shouting will cause him to freak out, shake, run, and hide! When in new, unknown environments he paces the floor. 




Traveling / Leaving:

Does fine on car rides and van trips as long as he has space and knows where to go. Whether it be a house or a car he will return back to his “safe space” or zone! We even left him for short periods of time in the RV Van, in the Travel Trailer at the RV Park, and at the condo at times — he always seems to do fine. But, if left alone he has been known to sneak in a little lick of coffee or steal your food if you leave it within his reach! He does like to get in the seat in the car so he can see out. 


Food & Treats: 

He knows what “TREATS” are and will eat as soon as you put down his bowl! We’ve fed him not only dog food but things like carrots, nuts, lettuce, fries, cucumbers, bananas, you name it he’ll try almost anything you give him! He loves bones too! He will eat forever if you allow him to!


Furniture & FUR

The only negative thing is his shedding, he does shed more when he is stressed or in a new environment, but bathing him regularly seems to help a lot. He is NOT a fan of baths; However, I found that the size of the shower made a difference – The bigger the better.  Also, we keep blankets on the couch because he loves to cuddle and lay next to us. Plus, we let all our other dogs go anywhere they want in the house, so he is a free bird too!



When we originally got Krypto in the first month I made this list of The Good vs Bad things about him! (below)


I also learned about the 3-3-3 rule for adopting a dog AND what to expect in the first 4 weeks 


What To Expect The First Month After Adopting A Dog



The Good

  • Loving, once he trusts you but he is scared at first of anyone new.
  • Will walk on a leash or follow other dogs but needs some help if he is scared he will just lay down and look scared or literally run into the smallest place he can find to curl up and hide or into a door! Has gotten better day by day.
  • Shy and scared but opens up a lot in one day once trusting and comfortable with his partner and environment
  • Great with other dogs depending on the other dogs but he hasn’t shown any aggression or anger even when other dogs did.
  • He is good with our cat even though the cat did chase him into the corner at night but that’s normal and he hisses at him too but Krypto doesn’t seem to mind
  • Plays with toys and fetches balls. Can’t confirm he brings them back but he will chase them and pick them up.
  • Seems to be housebroken so far but have let him out every few hours. Knows to go on potty pads.
  • Did okay in the car ride home but was scared the first ride. When we took him on a van trip in our RV, he did well with no bathroom issues, did get in the seat once or twice, and licked my coffee… but as far as the ride he did well coming in and out of the car for the most part sometimes have to carry but he knows the door that lets him out and is always ready to go out…
  • Does not show aggression around food or with other dogs when eating so far he runs when they take his food or try to growl at him or bark. Although he did try to growl and snapped while we were eating ONE time (which he was reprimanded for immediately) he’s scared when I say no and clap my hands 🙌 make any loud noise it works to correct the problem.
  • Great with small dogs (but probably any dogs) and a cat (aka cat dog)
  • Left him home alone for a few hours and he didn’t seem to do anything bad on 1st day in the trailer, then spent a lot of alone time while monitoring on camera in the van RV trip and he did well when we left minus getting in the seat once but we didn’t cover the windows like we normally do! So he just wanted to see out ya know, get a peak at the view!
  • Putting your hand out, getting on his level, and talking sweet in a high pitch with no screaming or loud shouts will get him to come to you or shelter in place.
  • I sat on the floor with him the first day and he was good, and very sweet, quickly figured out that he could keep nudging me to get more pets
  • Extremely loving dog, loves to play, learning his name, great with people and animals, just needs time to adjust to his surroundings and trust especially any new person or place!
  • Neutered
  • Will poop and pee in the sand (did well at the beach but did not try the water) Just let him lay in the sand near by chairs tied up and he decided to relieve himself at one point. So the sand didn’t seem to bother him.




The Bad

  • Found a shoe and wanted to play with it but told him no and he quickly left it alone. Although if I remember he did eat one of his Dad’s shoes once or at least made a little hole in it 🙁
  • Hair shedding but bathing helps and when he came from the shelter he was prob shedding from stress a lot more but it has been much more minimal since he had a bath
  • He did find a carpet that snags easily and found it fun to “play” with aka destroy
  • Loud noises scare him (I cannot repeat this enough)!!!
  • Still Learning how to go up and down stairs (right now hesitates before attempting to jump ALL of them at once)
  • Stays in our small fence but can hop over it and did! So he must be on a leash outside with you staying close by in case but do not chase just follow and try to get him to come back
  • Did not know any tricks
  • He paces the floor probably because he doesn’t know where to go, or where he at.
  • Does not like cucumbers or carrots or bananas at least for now but sometimes it takes a minute
  • Did not eat kibble dry food or treats or rice, veggies, and chicken for the first few hours but then started eating it later
  • Hates baths or at least the first one he tried to claw the shower down and get out the glass he knew opened to get him in
  • When he’s scared he did try to claw the door he came in the first few hours — if I moved us to a new room he and he got scared he might try to claw and I’d have to stop him
  • Liked to eat tags, paper, and napkins, if it’s hanging in his face but once you tell him no and give him a real toy 🧸 he stops tearing those items up and just needs to know which items are toys and which are not.


BUT NOW Krypto is a tenacious, loving, and energetic boy who enjoys hanging out with his pet parents, or playing with his dog and cat fur friends! He is just a good guy who wants to love and be loved. He’d make a GREAT FAMILY MEMBER, BOYFRIEND, BROMANCE, TRAVEL COMPANION, or WINGMAN! Plus, he does have a little SISTER named Petunia, proven by DNA Testing! via Wisdom Panel >> (use our link for a discount on yours).