Hi, I’m Birdie!

I’m an 8 year old Toodle (Terrier + Poodle). The first 5 years of my life are a blur since a year ago I was dropped off at the Shelby County Humane Society in Columbiana, Alabama due to a “Lifestyle Change” of my previous owners. But, the best news is after the #StayAtHomeAndFoster Campaign started. I only spent 10 days in the slammer! Thankfully, my new Mom @BloggingBrandi saved me. 

Now, I’m living the dream in an RV @RVersity traveling places I’ve never been before with all the toys and treats my heart desires. I’ve even learned how to sit, and am working on learning a few new tricks! Also, Belly rubs are my favorite, and I prefer to sleep under the covers, but I’m always down for a cuddle and giving out lots of kisses!

The only problem I have is slowing down. I guess it’s the terrier in me that allows me to FLY HIGH and FAST like a Bird — maybe that’s how I got my name. Oh and I have an ear piercing bark. 

I LOVE my new “lifestyle change” and my mission is to help more dogs like me find a new home. 


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